She’ll Be Right – Concealer Foundation Stick / Brush Duo


Quickly and easily hide dark circles, redness, breakouts or other imperfections with She’ll Be Right Concealer. The oil base blends incredibly smoothly with your skin, while the stick/brush duo makes it easy to use.

1. Simply apply the stick to the target areas, or use it as a foundation for full face coverage.
2. Use the brush on the other end to blend the product with your skin.
3. She’ll be right and on with the day you go!

She’ll Be Right Concealer is designed by Alastair Mosey, an award-winning makeup artist and farmer who knows how to design makeup that lasts – rain, hail, dirt, dust or shine.

• Foundation and concealer duo
• Easy to use twist stick with brush for application on the opposite end
• Smooth long-lasting coverage

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Weight.07 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 9 cm

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